Required Training for Offshore Oil Rig Workers – BOSIET & Skills Training

Required training for offshore oil rig workers includes the basic offshore survival courses – BOSIET, FOET, HUET and possibly MIST (for details on these courses, see

These courses are actually an essential investment in your offshore oil career because regardless of any other qualifications, if you can put down that you already have your course certificates, you will be a much better prospect for a potential employer – you’ll show you are ready to work where as someone else will still have to take the courses.

Each country has individual standards for offshore survival and fire fighting training so check out the specific requirements for the country you’ll be working in.

Facilities in the United Kingdom where you can get the initial Offshore Survival Courses and other training you will need include:

  • Scotland – Blackpool & the Fylde College,  Tel : 01253 352352
  • Northern England – Humberside Offshore Training Assoc.,  Tel : 01482 820567
  • Aberdeen – NUTEC Centre For Safety,  Tel : 01224 725808
  • Norwich – Petans Ltd.  Tel : 01603 891255
  • Aberdeen – RGIT Montrose Limited,  Tel : 01224 899707
  • Southern England – Warwish Maritime Centre,  Tel : 01489 576161

Outside the UK, have a look on the OPITO website for the Network of Approved Training Providers –

Other courses that are both useful for offshore jobs and will get your resume (CV) noticed are ones that meet OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization) standards. (Check the OPITA website for a complete list of trainers by country.)

Having training in any of the following (plus others) will greatly improve your chances of oil rig employment.

  • hoisting and lifting operations,
  • hoisting and rigging safety,
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) technician,
  • laying pipe,
  • oil rig operations,
  • pipe fitter,
  • painter,
  • rigger & electrician, especially IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained,
  • scaffolder,
  • steel erector,
  • tower and derrick builder,
  • welder (colour coded),
  • winching.

Since health and safety are always a priority on offshore oil rigs and vessels, having training in first aid, CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), manual handling, risk assessment, abrasive wheels safety, slinger signalman/slinger banksman and supervisory roles will certainly give you skills employers are always looking for.

In America, if you’ve done some of the OSHA courses and HAZMAT training, you will be far more valuable to any potential employer.

Alongside the required training for offshore oil rig workers such as BOSIET, HUET and FOET, there are others such as comprehensive Europe-wide courses that will enable you to work in all North Sea sectors. It is becoming more common for people, ‘green hands’, to gain specific skills for oil and gas jobs prior to applying for any oil vacancies.  The better skilled you are, the more valuable you will be to any potential oil company employer.


BOSIET & Skills Training – Required Training for Offshore Oil Rig Workers

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