Oil Jobs Requiring Little Or No Experience

Offshore oil rig jobsOther oil jobs with little or no experience required includes offshore entry level IT jobs, catering jobs and entry level construction jobs.

The best way to apply for these jobs is to go directly to the company you want to work for and speak with their human resources department. You could get hired on the spot if things are super busy and they are in need of workers.

Or you could send in a resume.  However be sure your resume is easy to read and add a cover letter saying what job you are applying for and explaining what makes you an excellent choice for the job even though you have little or no experience.

Since the format oil and gas companies want the resume in is often different from the norm, check their websites for what the company wants and follow their procedures. If you don’t, they could easily think that since you didn’t follow their policies, you won’t be the right type of employee either.

There are lots of websites for offshore job resume writing and recruiting.  These can help you in your quest for offshore employment. They often specialize in helping people just like you to get hired for their dream future in an offshore career.  Do be careful about scams, some sites charge up front fees so check out what you get before giving them any money.

Types of Oil Jobs

In the oil and gas industry, there are jobs on both offshore and onshore rigs. Obviously, onshore jobs are those done on land.  Pipe fitter engineer is a job that could require that you work on a rig, pipeline or refinery onshore. However don’t think just because the job is onshore, that it’s going to be easy. These jobs can be in  the conditions you’d find in Alaska or the deserts of Dubai, Texas or Libya where working on a pipeline could mean dealing with bitter cold, winds and lots of snow and ice or heat of up to 140ºF and sand storms.

Pipelines are large steel tubes underground or above-ground that transports their precious cargo of oil to destination where it is refined into gasoline or other petroleum products. It’s cheaper sending the oil this way than transporting it overland by trucks. There are hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines all over the world, with pipe fitting jobs paying upwards of $100K once you have some experience under your belt.

Deep Water Offshore Jobs

Offshore deep water jobs are often on rigs that are sitting in more than 1,000 feet of water far out to sea. Deep water jobs can be dangerous, so they pay among the highest salaries to start – between $50,000-$60,000, while the same jobs in shallower water pay about $10,000 or so less, depending on the position.

One of the jobs done in deep water situations is offshore cementing assistant. This person is responsible for installing casing and shoring up the inside of the well from which the drilling team is extracting the oil. This job can be dangerous as wells have been known to blow out, so people doing the job get paid more than many of the other oil jobs.

Due to all the factors that make working on offshore oil rigs hazardous, all workers are required to take safety classes and helicopter survival classes just in case one is downed and goes underwater. If being safety –conscious isn’t part of your makeup, then the jobs on oil rigs, especially those in deep water, won’t be a good fit for you.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a job but have little or no experience on an oil rig, then check out what’s available within the oil and gas industry – the jobs are high paying, with good benefits and great opportunities for moving up the ladder.

Check it out and make a long term career for yourself.

Which Entry Level Oil Jobs Require Little Or No Experience

Entry Level Offshore oil jobs – North Dakota  – Halliburton


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  • How can I get a oil rig job I have no experience can you please help.

  • I Have no exprience in oil rig jobs but i do have some experience in pipeline feilds. i was a laborer and a welders helper.
    i live in texas and am a newly engaged to my fiance sydney.
    i want to stay close to her, while she goes to college and i go to work
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